We Make Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Simpler, Faster, and More Practical

Ailares helps businesses accelerate AI development and deployment by hosting, training, consulting, and taking on enterprise wide projects.

Ailares started out by building AI platforms for crypto trading. It has created one of the most sophisticated AI hosting infrastructure for real time data streaming, historical data (Terabytes daily) archiving and on demand access, and machine learning algorithms for developing quantitative trading strategies. As a result, our advanced cloud infrastructure is deployed globally serving multiple clients.

The same methodology is readily transferrable to other industries. Its leadership team has a combined 60+ years of professional experiences in big data, algorithm development, and cloud management. We help transform your business to AI age quickly and effectively.

Big data

Data acquisition and management can be expensive. Leveraging the best industry practices, our solutions customize to our client needs and build on-demand on the cloud. We have extensive experiences in most use cases: Data acquisition and infrastructure on both internal & external data, Cost effective data storage, On-demand access, Structured/unstructured data management, Real time data processing and streaming in mini-seconds. We make big data manageable.

Machine Learning Algorithms and Decision Engines

Our platform offers most open source languages and libraries such as R, Python, Tensorflow, Elastic searches, Natural language processing (NPL), and Image recognition. Regardless of decision trees, support vector machines, random forest, CNN, DNN, or RNN, our clients have necessary packages installed and ready to build models from the get-go.

Scalable Computing

Nobody needs to use computing powers all the time. With the right design and operation support by Ailares, our clients could enjoy on-demand computing and contain cost easily. We build servers and kill servers on-demand so that our clients will not waste money when they don’t need the computing power.

Domain Knowledge

Our domain experts provide customized training to jump start AI operations for our clients. Furthermore, with our mixed onshore and offshore support model, our clients can enjoy a low cost solution without sacrificing quality or reliability of operations.